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This is a test post to see how easy BLOG BEAST really is. I shot a quick video with my phone, uploaded it then posted the url here in the blog and now its up and running.


Video Test


Shawn doing box jump!


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PhotoGuessAroo is Live



You know we all started CrossFit as innocent workout buffs or brand newbies but the priceless feeling we get from getting stronger mentally, physcially, emotionally and reaching a new level of spirituality/consciousness is exhilarating…we can’t think of life without CrossFit. Here are 25 signs that you may be addicted to CrossFit (LOL!!) What is life if we can’t joke around, have fun and laugh at ourselves. Im glad to be addicted to CrossFit because it makes me feel like great and like a badass when most of my life I didn’t believe in myself or my abilities.
So take some time and look through the pictures here and see if you have a CrossFit addiction – here are some quick signs – you started adding neon to your daily outfit, you twitch if you don’t touch a barbell, on your off days from work you just go sit in the box and meditate, you have a perfect pull up bar in your doorway at some so you can do pull ups for fun. LOL!! Hope this brings some joy to your day and can help you determine is you have an serious (or seriously AWESOME!!) addiction to CrossFit. ;-)
Tahir Leonard

Most of your Facebook pictures involve a barbell and a snarl.

The first thing you do when you wake up is look online to see if the WOD has been posted.

Reading the word ‘burpees’ can ruin your entire day.

You can’t start an email, feed the dog or do anything else without hearing ’3 …2 …1 … GO!’ in your head.

You’ve compared shin bruises and rope burns with a friend.

You categorize your friends as ‘CrossFit Friends’ and ‘The Others.’

You use the term Rx more frequently than most pharmacists do.

You’ve avoided shaking hands with someone because of your shredded palms.

You’ve spent more than one Friday night at home shaving your calluses.

If you meet someone named Fran, you’ll involuntarily throw up a little.

If your house caught fire, the first thing you’d grab is your custom-made jump rope.

You’re at the gym for an hour, but you’ll change your shoes at least twice.

Your friends or family have staged an intervention. The words ‘cult’ or ‘Kool-Aid’ were used. (But you don’t even DRINK Kool-Aid because it’s not Paleo.)

You no longer have to ask ‘Is this Paleo?’ (But you do anyway.)

Bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. Bacon.

You’ve imagined a scenario where you’d have to do handstand pushups to survive.

There’s no such thing as too much chalk.

You have very strong opinions about thumb placement.

You know there was a time when you weren’t sore, scraped and bruised, but you can’t remember it anymore.

You’re totally cool with wearing Shin Skins outside the gym.

You’ve seriously considered a tattoo of a kettlebell.

You know for a fact that taking your shirt off makes you go faster.

Grocery shopping involves three different stores and two farmers markets.

You wouldn’t know how to date someone who doesn’t do CrossFit.

People don’t have to ask if you’re obsessed with CrossFit, because you’ll happily tell them. (And you know that you’re awesome because of it.)

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